This is where cybersecurity upskilling happens.

Because you are Cyber from early Education to the Enterprise.

We are a leading provider of Cybersecurity Education and Training solutions and services to individuals, corporations, governments, and academic institutions.


Cybur Certification Partners

Through interactive and AI-based, fully remote, full-time, part-time programs, and immersive simulations, courses, bootcamps and cyber ranges, Cybur helps participants rapidly become cyber aware while giving them the opportunity to skill-up along various career pathways, becoming job-ready certified cybersecurity professionals.

Why Choose Us?

Designed for the individual student and the working professional.

Increase your cyber knowledge, in a few days or become a cybersecurity professional in less than 28 weeks.

Guided career paths and personalized learning.

Education pathways customized to meet your personal or organizational career goals.

100% online. Practitioner led programs.

Synchronous classrooms, live hands-on practice labs, advanced remote education technologies, virtual office hours, and much more; led by Industry experts.

Career focused, job role aligned and job-ready

The cybersecurity skill gap is a serious concern today, and certified candidates with skills and the right certifications are best positioned to provide the skills employers demand.

Professional certification courses & practice tests.

Prepare to earn industry credentials that validate your knowledge. and advance your career.

Dedicated mentors and professional networking.

Expert practitioners that provide live one on one and group hands-on sessions and career assistance.

Our Beliefs

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Our Mission

Industry Proven Career Paths through Cybur

CybUR can put you, and your organization, on the right path and help you grow as an individual, and as a Cybersecurity Professional. 


From Education to the Enterprise, The Cybur Initiative is committed to reskilling the workforce and upskilling the industry in cybersecurity.


Cybersecurity programs that get you started and enrich your education, From early education to higher education, developing cyber aware and professional digital citizens.


Security Awareness

For all individuals in an organization,  providing necessary information to protect and defend themselves and secure their organization’s assets.

Early and Entry Level

For those individuals just discovering or pursuing a career path in cybersecurity. Some simply need a refresher, while others might need to understand the basics.

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Intermediate Career

For those who are ready to take their cybersecurity career to the next level for promotion to become a Security Analyst, Security Engineer, and Pen Tester.

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Advanced Career

For those who need to focus on enterprise security compliance, and risk management to assess and protect against vulnerabilities of systems.

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Enterprise Leadership

For individuals and groups in leadership positions that need to understand and speak the language of business as it relates to enterprise cyber risk mitigation.

Develop Your Cybersecurity Skills

By working with an elite community of instructors, experts, and coaches, as well as cutting edge simulations, we deliver relevant and high-quality cybersecurity bootcamps that are accessible anytime, anywhere. need to know where you stand in your Cyber knowledge, go ahead and take our quick personal knowledge assessment.

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