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Cybersecurity awareness and habits of mind

Prepare for what’s next with CybUR training program.

Security Awareness is critical for all front-line workers.

CybUR Initiative Security Awareness programs focus on every individual within an organization, “You are Cyber” is our Mantra, meaning every single individual within your organization plays a role in protecting the organization.

Our Program

Security awareness training prepares members of an organization, including employees, contractors, temporary workers, and everyone else that completes authorized functions online for an organization, with the necessary information to defend themselves and secure their organization’s assets from damage or loss. Security Awareness is critical for all your front-line workers.

How We Reduce an Organization’s Risk

We reduce an organization’s risk by delivering on-demand cyber security awareness training based on the latest, state-of-the-art learning science to effectively drive long-term cyber-safe behavior.

Our Modules

• Creating Strong Passwords: Learn about the rules for creating strong passwords, latest trends and best practices in password security.
• Physical Security: Addresses protection of employees at the company, customers and their funds, protection of the premises, and any security devices, computers, and networks, from physical circumstances and events that could cause serious losses or damage.
• GDPR: Learn about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and what it means to your organization.
• Handling Sensitive Information: Overview of importance of safely handling sensitive information, like Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI), Credit Card data (PCI DSS), Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), including your organization’s proprietary information.
• Ransomware: Learn the basics of ransomware, the different methods used to infect a machine, and how hackers to trick people into downloading infected files, and how to avoid potential threats.
• Internet Security and the Modern Threatscape: Addresses today’s threat landscape and an employee’s role in keeping their organization secure against these threats. You will develop an understanding of current cybercrime strategies, and digital and in-person threats used by cybercriminals to trick employees into taking an action.
• Email Spoofing: Focuses on email spoofing and describes how hackers can infiltrate an organization and create spoofed emails that trick unsuspecting employees.
• Social Engineering: Focuses on social engineering and describes what criminals are after when businesses and their employees are targeted.
• Creating Strong Passwords: Review rules of how to create and use strong passwords at the office, at home, and on the road. You will develop strategies related to safer passwords, minimum password length, and how to remember long passwords.
• Certified Secure Computer Users (CSCU): The purpose of the CSCU training program is to provide individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to protect their information assets. This course will immerse students into an interactive environment where they will acquire a fundamental understanding of various computer and network security threats such as identity theft, credit card fraud, online banking phishing scams, virus and backdoors, emails hoaxes, sex offenders lurking online, loss of confidential information, hacking attacks and social engineering. (Prepares for the EC-Council CSCU Certification.)

Get the Training That You Need to Be Prepared

Unlock tools and resources that will enable you to learn how you learn best and position you for success.

Instructor-led Courses

Learn a broad range of topics from practitioners who are working in the cybersecurity field.

Hands-on virtual labs and simulations

Apply what you have learned in real-world scenarios and be prepared for the complexity.

Certification Practice Support

Pass your certification exam on the first attempt and increase your earning potential.

Coaching and Mentoring

Connect with our dedicated mentors for career tips and advice.

Curated Career Paths

Expand your skill set with role-based learning opportunities.

Supportive Learning Communities

Build your professional network and learn from industry veterans.

Career Stages

Explore Other Career Paths

Wherever you are in your career and your understanding of key topics, CybUR can put you on the right path and help you grow as a Cybersecurity Professional.

Career Stage

Security Awareness

For all people in an organization. Trainings provide necessary information to defend themselves and secure their organization’s assets.

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Career Stage

Early and Entry Level

For people from different backgrounds. Some need a refresher, while others might be new to technology and need to understand the basics.

Career Stage


For those who are ready to take their cybersecurity career to the next level for promotion to become a Security Analyst, Security Engineer, and Pen Tester.

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Career Stage


For those who need to focus on DoD compliance, becoming an ethical hacker to better understand weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the systems that they are trying to protect, and how to implement and manage security programs.

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Career Stage

Executive Leadership

For people in leadership positions who need to understand and speak the language of business as it relates to cyber risk and enhance cyber collaboration across your organization.


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