Cybur – partners with Galvanize to provide cybersecurity boot camps to Army Futures Command.

April 26, 2021, Through the Galvanize Cybur partnership, Cybur will be providing fully immersive cybersecurity and secure coding + OWASP instruction to over 200 Army Future Command active duty soldiers through VMware.

The Cybersecurity boot camps provides career opportunities for people in the United States that have non-traditional backgrounds and skillsets, and who are looking for entry level backend software development positions coupled with cybersecurity secure codeing practices.

Individuals from the Army Futures Command will participate in a twelve-week, immersive technical and cybersecurity training program with access to Cybur/Galvanize/VMware technical mentors, one-on-one meetings with a dedicated talent acquisition expert, and instruction in DevOps, Java microservice development, advanced data structures, service design patterns, distributed application development and cybersecurity.

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