Cyber Threats and Countermeasures

This course will help you become a certified ethical hacker and pass the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) exam.

About the Course

This course focuses on defensive methodology and tools to leverage defensive security practices. These practices require a strong understanding of current risks and exploits. Leveraging the knowledge acquired from the Information System Security Lab (offensive tools), this course builds on the remediation strategies for thwarting off active offensive attacks. Prepares for the EC Council CEH Certification.

What You Will Learn

  • Analyze a remote intrusion attempt

  • Construct a comprehensive report for technical and non-technical stakeholders 

  • Understand preventive procedures to safeguard systems

  • Construct layered virtual defense architecture to test with

  • Examine a compromised host’s memory

  • Compile indicators of compromise to guide forensics analysis

  • Conduct a forensic disk examination

Who This Course Is For

  • For those who want to prepare for the CEH exam

  • For those who are aspiring or currently are a current ethical hacker or penetration tester

  • For those who will be working in a domain within IT or cybersecurity that is focused with the security of systems

  • For many it is their first milestone on a career in ethical hacking, InfoSec, and cyber security.

Skills You Will Gain

startup, meeting, brainstorming
Average Annual Salary
$ 0

Job Titles


Ethical hacking is where an IT professional uses the same hacking techniques as malicious hackers to protect and prevent a company’s systems from falling into the hands of criminals. By the end of the journey to obtain your CEH, you’ll know what tools do what job, how to use the tools properly and how to conduct an ethical penetration test.

This course will help you develop hacking techniques to identify and troubleshoot vulnerabilities in existing security networks and prepare you for the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) exam.

Learn the best ethical hacking practices and techniques to prepare for CEH certification from experts with real-world experience in cyber security. Take your skills to the next level today!

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